Makeup: Her lips say it all

Ok guys.  Sorry for the late post.  I was having issues with my iPad (I know fml) but I am back with a brand new post.  Today I will be talking about bright color lipstick, specifically which colors look good, which ones don't, what skin complexion goes best with what color, and so on.  So I will admit I have been a little scared to branch out into wearing bright colored lipstick because I don't want to look like boo zoo the clown.  So I did some research on and looked up what color lipstick goes best with what complexion, then tailored it to our topic of bright color lipstick.  So first, if you have a pale complexion, it's best to stick with the red, pink, or peach color lipsticks.  You want to avoid the dark tones such as dark chocolate and burgandy because it is to contrasting to the skin tone.  Now this is interesting to me, but if you have a dark skin complextion, any color will look good, especially an orange or a coral color.  But avoid the milky, chalky, white, or silver colors because again, it is too contrasting to the skin.  If you have an olive skin tone, basically if you are Greek, Italian, or Hispanic again anything will look good.  The color to stay away from is purple because it brings out the yellow undertones in your skin.  Also stay away from brown too.  If you are Asian, like I am (even though it's just a teeny tiny bit lol) you want to stick with the lipstick with a natural coral tint.  If you are Middle Eastern you want to stick with the nude tints.  So for the other skin tones and nationalities that I didn't cover.  Compare yourself to what I listed and go from there, or do your own research at  They have great beauty tips and beauty guides so check out their website.  So to further this into our topic of bright colored lipstick I personaly like hot pinks, red, the corals, blacks, and even the blues.  So let me know what you think, and what you personally like or dislike.  If you have a picture feel free to link it and show us a pic of someone who's rocking their lips out.  And of course if there are any fashion topics you would like me to bring up, feel free to hit me up at :

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