Fashion & Style: Store Showcase #1 A'gaci

Hey guys so here is my first store show case. Starting every Sunday I am going to showcase at least one store that I feel stands out and that my fellow fashionistas and fashionisters will enjoy. So for today's first showcase I will be talking about A'gaci store. It was first created in 1972 by two brothers and now has expanded to 40 stores across the U.S., but has a big portion of it's traffic online at I love this store I really do. I came across this store one day googling online for "unique urban clothing" and A'gaci popped up. They have nice, unique clothing, very sexy, something that I look for when I shop. A I couple of things about he store though. One, their items sell out very quick so be aware of that when shopping online. I remember I was looking for some new school clothes, dresses in particular that I could wear with stockings and boots and I put it in my bag and saved it for later. Less than a week goes by and the dress was out of stock. Another thing is that go by the "typical size chart" if that's the correct term for it, so unless it says stretch or spandex and small is a SMALL a medium is a MEDIUM and if you are on the verge of large and x-large I would go with be x-large. Again I know this because I have a nice shape on me, and I've gained a little weight post pregnancy so I've learned that from buying from A'gaci I tend to stay on the x-large side when it comes to form fitting garments. Another thing is for me, living in Saint Louis, MO they don't charge tax or shipping fees, they don't have a return fee, and if you need assistant hey have ENGLISH SPEAKING CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS!!!!!!! I know that's a pet peeve for a lot of people. A'gaci actually has they're own corporate office and they answer any questions in a prompt nada professional manner. They get 2 thumbs up for me, the only feedback I would give is to expand their sizes to try and accommodate everyone to gain more customers. So guys if you have a store or a local designer that you want to shout out hit me up and we can definitely give them the recognition they deserve, and as always hit me up at:

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