Fashion & Style: Store Showcase #2/#3 Glam Attic and Pitaya

Hey guys it's time for the store showcase of the week. This week we have two stores that are in the spot light. The first store is Glam Attic located downtown on Washington right by my school, the fabulous Stevens Institute of Business and Arts. It is a nice little resale shop, very affordable, with some nice pieces. I went in on Wednesday to see what kind of clothes they had. On the plus they are way affordable for the simple fact that they are a resale shop. On the bad side, for my beautiful full figured women, they don't really have anything past large, and even what they do have in the large might not be that appealing to the eye, im surprised I found what I did. Also for my big feet women, again they don't really have anythong too appealing past size 8. But overall I enjoyed my experience and I was able to get 3 shirts and a purse for $35!!!.

glam attic st. louis mo

glam attic

glam attic

glam attic

 My second store for tonight is Pitaya located in the Delmar Loop right next to the Bread Co. I love this store, and I always go broke when I go in there. I would compare them to H&M but with more variety of color. They're price range is pretty good, $15-$40 shirts, $30-$75 pants, price ranges of that sort. I forgot to take a pic of everything I bought but I snapped a pic of this sexy purse I bought from there for $72.


Overall I give them two thumbs up. Here are the websites for both stores so you guys can check them out and hopefully decide to go pretty soon;, Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any stores/boutiques that you want shout out out hit me up and we can make something happen!!!!!

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  1. yo mama said get that stuff off her table lol jk...cant wait to check out glam attic!