Fashion & Style: Print Palooza!!!!!!

Hey guys starting off March on a very happy note, we have reach over 1000 views!!!!! Thank you guys so much for the support and continue to like, share, and comment. Your support is what helps this blog develop and grow everyday. So to start things off we are talking about animal prints!!!! As you can see I love animal prints, it's even my theme for my daughter, particularly cheetah and pink. Here are some pics of some of the things I own that are decked out in animal print:

As you can see I have my daughter obsessed with it lol. So with this here are my do's and don't when it comes to animal print and it's really very simple, don't over do it. Animal print is really cute on little babies and toddler's, pets, and when accented in decorating in the home. As far as clothing, accessories are always a great look, such as a bag, scarf, head piece, jewelry, shoes, etc. As far as the actual garments I always like a oversized cardigan with an animal print shirt under neath, no ainmal print pants, and I barely like animal print dresses, just because I havent seen any that wear cute. So if you do be sure to send a pic!!! And also let me know how you feel about ainmal prints, is it a thumbs up or down? And be sure to hit me up at:

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  1. Ohh she is so cute:)
    I really like animal print but I don't think I can manage to wear it "correctly" :p and that's why I really avoid it! I really like your animal print shoes though!:) Would definitelly buy something like that.x