Snapbacks and tattoos.....naw just snapbacks

Hey guys for the second post of March i wanted to kick off this Saturday morning talking about a huge trend that is going on, which is snapbacks. And since I recently made a post about my search of the Undrcrwn snapback I thought this was appropriate. So I just got hipped to snapbacks for the simple back that I thought they were ugly, I hadn't seen any that were unique and that's my number one rule when I shop for clothes, particularly that I think is apart of a trend, make the item unique as possible so that when the trend fade away, you can still wear what you bought because it's unique and classic. So one day, around December I started looking around for a present to myself and I came across the Undrcrwn snapback that a did my previous post on, and of course it's sold out!!!!!!!! So I have been on the search just for unique snapbacks that might suit my needs. I really like animal prints (of course) and texture snapbacks like the legos snapbacks , snapbacks with unique logos and sayings like the obey or trill snapbacks, and just fun, funky snapbacks in general. Honestly I don't like the plain sports team snapbacks, but a lot of them now have designs on the front part of the hat and I love that. Here are two online boutiques where you can get some exclusive snapbacks, both recommended by Tae Heckard (Video Vixen/Model) on her instagram. The first is Dare U Boutique ( and the second is Sorella Boutique by Heather Sanders (I really want to say she's an actress, I've seen her star in something, But if you guys google unique snapbacks in google images or type in one you know of the click the web page box on the left hand corner it will bring up the boutique, most likely it's a boutique. And here are some pics of the different snapbacks I talked about including my boo boo in his sexy camo snapback that I'm stealing lol. So let me know what you guys think, yes or no? And if you know of any other online stores that sell unique and exclusive snapbacks please let me know AND IF ANYONE FINDS THAT UNDRCRWN SNAPBACK PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE SHOOT ME A MESSAGE AND TELL ME WHERE TO GET IT!!!!! And of course hit me up at:

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