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Hey guys I'm back at it again with a bunch of posts for the night but first I want to thank all of you for reading the blog, we are over 3100 views in counting yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again thank you all and lets get more views!!! So to start off tonight's post I will be talking about DIY or for those f you who are not familiar with this term it means "do it yourself". I love do it yourself projects for the simple facts that you spend little to virtually no money at all. A lot of these projects involve taking items of clothing that you already have and turning it into something new like taking an old baggy shirt and making it into a hobo bag, or taking a pair of jeans whether that you already own or that you found at the goodwill and cutting them I to some high wasted shorts. At the max, in my opinion, you'll spend $10-20 for supplies, if that, and you'll most likely have a lot left over to use on another do it yourself project. The project that I am going to be working on are self made clutches, particularly the camo clutch that I made a post about a week ago. If I succeed, which I should be able to, I want to try different patterns and prints like sequins and cheetah, of course lol. If you are interested in DIY projects check out some of the websites below:

Dismount Creative, where they list the top DIY blogs (

And also if you google "DIY fashion projects" a bunch of hits will pop up. And what I want you guys to do is to send me some of your DIY project ideas or websites that have great DIY projects to try. And of course hit me up at:

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