Artist Showcase: Monea Tranea

Hey guys, so as I said before I'm going to be doing artist showcases. No matter what the artist is, whether a photographer, clothing designer, makeup artist, rapper, singer, poet, we are all creative artists in some way shape or form and I have no problem helping someone get the exposure they deserve.
So with that being said, I am kicking things off with my first artist showcase, Monea Tranea. I actually came across her business page because one of my old friends recommended her custom phone cases. And I must say the recommendation lives up to the product and just the vibe of the business. Her business is called "Glam Pixi" and she makes, by hand at that, custom phone cases, accessories, and brooch bouquets. The prices are reasonable in my eyes, because she hand makes everything herself, by hand, and actually gives a great turn around time, at least for the phone cases, I haven't ordered anything else yet! Her phone cases are between $25-$100 and have about at the max a week turn around time. Her brooch bouquets are between $30-$500, and again I don't know the turn around time for that because I haven't ordered anything but trust when it gets that time I will be calling her lol! She also has a online boutique called "My Curvez Boutique" that features some very fashionable clothing between $10-$80. I highly recommend going to check her out, she's just a sweet person in general, and she makes quality products, even though I switched phones, I still have my phone case, and after 1 year only a a few little gems fell off, and with that she will replace them for FREE! That's what I call great customer service and you guys know I'm big on that. So check out her links below and I hike suggest purchasing something because you won't be disappointed!!!
Instagram: MoneaTranea

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