Artist Showcase: Skyline Force

Ok second show case of the day is an artist that goes by Skyline Force, but I just call him Romeo lol. I've known him for years now so I can say I personally known him when he blows up and gets big lol!!! But he's a great and amazing artist who's very talented and that's why he is in our sector artist showcase. He started making music in 2012 under the name Skyline Force, and yes it is just him, it's not a band, just like Travis Porter is 3 dudes and not just one. I would compare his music to every genre mostly to be quite honest and he even says that his music is so unique that it's constantly changing. His influences are Daft Punk, Zomboy, Excision, and many more just to name a few, and his message to his audience is to be yourself, unique, and one of a kind. Again this is a very talented artist and I'm happy to know him as such, and I hope you guys get that pleasure too. Go ahead and check him out on the links below and please show your support!!!!!

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