Ok I am doing this post not only for me but for all of my big footed women out there who need some tricks on how to make their foot appear smaller.  I currently wear an 11, and I'm only 5'4, I use to wear a 10 but still that's too freaking big.  And I have no arch so my feet look like boats when I walk, yea embarrassing.  So I researched online and I came across this site called "Stana's Femulate", and it's topics on how to make the woman's body not so "mannish", yea I still don't get that but the tips that were on the website I think would be helpful:

"1. Opened back shoes like mules or clogs give the impression is that your foot is only as long as the clog.

"2. Medium vamps are best. Short vamps can expose too much skin; long vamps (especially those up to the ankle) give you Frankenfeet.

"3. At least an inch heel.

"4. Arch support if you have flat feet...reduces the boat effect.

"5. Shoes with seams, straps or details that run crosswise can help the foot look wider and shorter.

"6. Pointed toe shoes not only look longer, but they also actually add some length to your foot (but if you have shapely, willowy legs ala Nicole Kidman go for one will be looking at your feet!). Rounded toes are best...square toes can be okay too.

If you want to check out the website more here is the link:

And also if anyone has any other tricks PLEASE for heaven sakes post them, this is a serious issue that needs a solution!!!!!!!

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