LOUD Hair Show

Hey guys, just recapping my experience from when I attended the LOUD Hair Show last Sunday, and might I say I had a blast.  Me and a good friend went, of course VIP and the experience was great.  The food and drinks were so delicious, we were given generous goody bags including products from L'Oreal and Big Sexy Hair, and the show was just terrific, the only reason why we couldn't stay long was because my heels weren't acting right lol!!!! And big congrats to Dwight Carter who produced this show.  I actually got a chance to meet him today and he is the nicest, most down to earth person I've ever known to be who he is in the Saint Louis Fashion Industry, if you don't know who he is google him, I'll be doing a piece on him in one of my upcoming posts.  Check out the link below, I was able to capture the first part of the show, and also check out the pictures of some of the hair styles!!!!!!!!


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