Artist Showcase: KB Supastar


Growing up in the streets of the most dangerous city in America, KB leaned on what most kids in the music rich St. Louis area leaned on, sports and music.  Living in a single parent home with 2 older siblings, KB was enrolled in sports and piano lessons at the tender age of 4.  Being one of the most talented athletes in the area, it wasn’t long before he made frequent trips all over the country for sporting events, and eventually was given the name “Supastar”.  

The tough, honest, every man for himself streets of St. Louis helped mold him to be his biggest critic, and to rely on no one.  This way of life in St. Louis made him feel as if he had to do everything.  Being the competitive athlete, KB transferred his competitive nature to his music.  He began making beats at the age of 14 and gained the attention of many local artists.  

At age 16, KB honed his skills as a producer and an artist and began his journey for success.  His talents caught the ear of nearby friends and he then became a member of St. Louis rap group “3-0.”  As the group went their separate ways, KB began to grow as an artist and as a producer.  
While the street life was the life of his friends, drugs and violence was coming to close to KB.  In 2008 KBwas caught at the wrong place at the wrong time during a drug sting.  Shortly after, has grandma had passed away.  KB was at a crossroads, dropping out of college, getting fired from his job.  The only thing that kept him afloat was music.

With a new focus of staying away from the dangerous St. Louis streets, i2010, his single “You Can Be” debuted on St. Louis Radio as a local hit.  Radio appearances in St. Louis (Hot 104.1) & Atlanta (Hot 107.9) have spearheaded his efforts to become, a worldwide success.  Already, he has reached and captivated audiences in England, Greece, France, South Africa & Germany.  Without a record deal, he displays the determination, the will-power, and the talent needed to become a mogul in the music industry.  Being a producer as well as a writer, KB Supastar is not only a rapper, but a musician.  His smooth word-play, killer looks, hot beats, mass appeal, & mindset have him well on track to stardom.

Check out his video below, and if you want more info you can reach him at:

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