Artist Showcase: Monkee Bizness

Hey guys, it's time for another Artist Showcase.  And I am happy to be showcasing two talented guys who I've known since high school.  I know them as Trimayne Boyd and Kenneth Weaver, but to everyone else they are Monkee Bizness, creators of the fabulous graphic tees.  When I talked to Trimayne, really what I wanted to know was what is the mission behind the business and what does Monkee Bizness stand for, and this was his response:

     "Our purpose is to build a brand recognized worldwide for expressing one as an individual rather than a member. Illuminating one's personal characteristics is the commitment that we have devoted ourselves to and promise to stand by. Your lifestyle is our brand, our focus and our basis for creative development. Dedicated to ensuring the highest customer satisfaction by quality over quantity, we don't just promote good service, perfection and loyalty, we hold it to the highest standard. Embracing both pride and passion, we will deliver a consistent product to honor our business and our customers."

So I guess you're wondering what's the design that started it all? Where here it is the first design of Monkee Bizness:

What I love about this clothing line is for one, it started off with a simple idea, just a guy in class that always drew monkeys and a brilliant idea that was just waiting to be created.  These t-shirts are fun, but simple at the same time.  They create many different designs from the Monkee Bizness logo to different fun monkey characters.  And most of all it shows that if you have an idea as long as you have the determination, the drive, and the will, you can be successful and go far.  Check out the pics of some of their designs below:
(Trimayne Boyd himself)


So please support these talented young men and purchase some of their products, I recommended them all hands down.  Also they are looking for another designer, so for any purchase inquiries or to speak to them about becoming apart of their team please contact them at  Also follow them on twitter @ monkee_bizness and instagram @ monkee_bizness.  


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