Caviar Nails DIY Pt 1

Hey guys wanted to share this caviar nail diy post with you that I was inspired to do after watching a couple on Youtube.  I will also be doing a video later:

What You'll Need:
1.  Microbeads
2.  Nail Polish
3.  Container or Dish
I used the Martha Stewart Micro Beads and you can find them at any craft store in the Scrapbooking section.
I will be using the Gold and Copper microbeads with black nail polish.
Take the nail polish of your choice and paint one coat and let dry on all nails.  Then start with one finger and paint the second coat.
Take the microbeads and sprinkle on your nail over the bowl/dish.  Pat lightly when applied desired amount
Do one nail at a time until all nails are done.
And voila!  All done.  Make sure to allow enough time for your nails to dry.  Also dry putting a light coat of clear polish on top to help the beads stick.


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