Five Fast Fixes: Beauty Tips!

1) Baby Oil. It's Friday night and you're getting all dolled up ...oops, you forgot to shave. No worries, slather on a good amount of baby oil before you do a quick skim with the razor to remove the noticeable hair. The oil acts as a protectant and will leave your legs extra smooth. This works well with conditioner too! Just remember to save some for your hair.

2) Shimmer Goddess. Stand out from the crowd with a bit of shimmery powder to enhance your cleavage and legs. In order for the powder to not rub off on your clothes or other people, be sure to apply a body lotion for it to adhere to (scented lotions will have your date head over heels).

3) Dry Cracked Heels. A nice pair of heels always compliments an outfit, but flaky feet are not something you want to flaunt on the dance floor. Grab a pumice stone and exfoliate those ungodly creatures. The stone will slough off all the dead skin and reveal newer skin which is softer. If you want an even softer touch apply some shea butter and put on a pair of cozy cotton socks. The socks will help the moisture soak in leaving you with beautiful feet.

4) Lash Luster. For lashes that are defined and darker apply Vaseline before your usual mascara routine. If you want lashes that appear fuller or thicker, use a eyelash curler before the Vaseline.

5) Plump Lips. We all weren't blessed with a set of lips like Angelina Jolie but we can definitely get them...naturally! You'll need some cinnamon oil and a clear lip gloss. Add 10 drops of cinnamon oil to a clear lip gloss or any gloss of your choice. Mix the two together and apply. Warning: Do not apply the cinnamon to your lips directly as it will sting. The gloss is used to dilute the cinnamon.

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