Hairapy 101: What's wrong with my hair?

Why isn't my hair growing? What products can I use to make my hair grow faster? These are just a couple of the questions women ask themselves when trying to achieve length. The secret really isn't about what you're putting on it; that only plays a small role in length retention. The secret is about hair practice. What are you doing to your hair physically that won't allow it to "grow"? A persons hair grows on average about a 1/2 in. a month. If you're physically damaging your strands you'll hardly ever see that 1/2 in. growth due to breakage and other damaging factors. I am no expert on hair care but I have enough experience with caring for my own hair to realize that constant manipulation will in fact stunt growth. My regimen is concise and it works. Why? Because I alter it whenever I feel like my hair needs something. For example, limp hair? I need a protein treatment. One must cater to their hairs needs in order for it to benefit. Protective styles will help you retain length and protect those loose ends. The most important factor in retaining length is absolutely no harsh chemicals or HEAT! Heat is so damaging to the cuticle and if you saw your hair under a microscope you would not believe the damage that is done by it. If you must use heat, prep your hair with a deep conditioner after washing and use a heat protectant. As far as chemicals go, its best to stay away from these as these can cause other injuries to the hair follicle and scalp. By implementing these few steps into your hair routine you will notice long, healthy, manageable hair.

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