Health & Beauty: Eyebrow Threading

The latest trend in eyebrow grooming is making its debut in many salons and mall kiosks across the country. Eyebrow threading is the process of removing the hair from the follicle (root) by using a piece of thread to go back and forth between the areas that need fixing. This type of method is practiced in the Middle East and parts of Africa. For some, threading might be more painful then waxing. Why? Well, waxing only hurts for a brief second. Once the wax is applied and the strip is then ripped off it doesn't hurt anymore, aside from the stinging/burning sensation that is accompanied which is normal. Threading requires back and forth manipulation to get precise hair removal and the desired shape for your face frame. It is well worth it when you compare the results of waxing and threading. Waxing tears the top layer of skin off while threading doesn't and is a better approach to minimal skin irritation. Recently, I decided to learn the trade of eyebrow threading for many reasons. One of them happens to be that I've been very unsatisfied with how some "eyebrowists" like to shape them according to how they like it and not my preference. I've had a few incidents where my eyebrows came out too skinny or thin. I like to have full, thick eyebrows and that's when I decided it was time for me to teach myself this practice. After hours of tutorials and practicing on myself (not my eyebrows) I finally got the hang of it and was ready to try it on my own eyebrows. It is much harder doing this on yourself. But their is a motion you have to follow and the thread acts like a "scissor". Pressing the thread on your brow on the area you want cleaned you open and close the thread loop as if it were a pair of scissors. It is much harder to explain without actually showing one physically the steps taken. I'm so glad I decided to teach myself and I even have done a few peoples eyebrows. The picture above is my results after threading my brows for the first time. I'd say I did a good job! Also, I use a 100% cotton thread and would suggest you do not try to use any type of thick thread because not only will it hurt but it wont be as effective compared to a thinner thread.

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