MO Fashion Week Recap

So last night was a great experience.  I had the privilege to attend the first annual Missouri Fashion Week, and last night's show was entitled "Art and Glam".  The whole experience was great from start to finish.  When I walked in, there was a live band, food, drinks, and different vendor booths set up all around the MOTO Museum at the Grand Center, which made it that much more wonderful.  The actual show was spectacular and all of the designers hit it hard on the nail!!!!  The show started out with a great dance piece, introductions, and then the designers showcased their designs.  And to think that these are all Missouri based designers makes it that much more incredible.  The labels that really stood out to me were Daniel Solivette, The Threaded Elephant, and Hauls by Sierra Moses.  The construction of the garments were so well put together, the way the garments fitted on the model was flawless.  The models themselves did a wonderful job as well.  The thing that really stood out was there wasn't a lot of extra-ness.  When I say "extra-ness"  I refer to focusing more on the little details and less on the actual purpose of the show, which is the fashions, and they certainly focused on the fashions and I loved it.  I am so happed to have attended this event and I cannot wait until MO Fashion Week is among us again next year!!!!!!

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