Trend Alert: Transparent Jelly Boots

So I dont know if you guys have noticed, but there is a trendy sensation going on. I'm referring to Transparent Jelly Boots. Now jelly boots are kind of a throwback within itself, and have came back recently in bold, bright colors and designs. But now there are transparent boots. These are clear silicon like boots that have a touch of color on the bottom and also within the laces. I personally don't like the feel to them unless I was going to a Halloween party or like a throwback party. My style is more sophisticated, classy, sensual, that type of style, so these boots wouldn't look right on me. But for someone who has that fun, no restrictions type of style I would say go for it. Now where I'm from, St Louis to be exact I can't find any in stores, and I'm suspecting that this is the same for a lot of cities as well. I would suggest online shopping for these boots, specifically on eBay or Amazon, Aliexpress, Chicwish, Agape boutique, and other small boutiques online. They typically run between $50-$60 which is reasonably price, anything higher would be ridiculous. So if anyone has any of these please send me a product review, do you like em, how is the fit, and send a picture so we can see how they look on you!!!!!!

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