Fashion & Style: Mens Fall Fashion Trends 2013/2014

Finally, our first men's post!!!!  I am super excited for the simple fact that I want to reach a variety of people, and even though this is more of a women's fashion blog, I still want to share things within the men's fashion industry as well.  So today's topic is the Fall/Winter Trends of 2013/2014:

First there is the pea coat.  I absolutely love this one a guy.  It is very sleek and very casual at the same time and it just makes a guy look so yummy!  Along with a nice cardigan, some straight jeans, a scarf with texture or a pattern, and dress boots or shoes, and you have an ensemble for both the work place and a night out with your lady.

Another trend, which is something that is always going to be around, not even as a fashion trend but an necessity is the suit.  But now what's trending are suits with texture or a faint pattern.  You can still be corporate savvy, but also look like your ready for the cover of GQ Magazine.

Along with suits, what seems to be coming back is the "Miami Vice" Open Jacket/Blazer.  I particularly love this with a cardigan or nice long sleeve pull over, dark blue jeans, and some casual canvas shoes.

Leather is very popular right now, especially using leather on the sleeves of shirts and jackets, or as pants.

Just like in the women's fashion industry, camouflage is a real big trend within the men's industry as well, I particularly love camouflage pants.

Duffle bags, and other variation of man bags are very in right now, especially the brown leather or burgundy.

Hats, hats, and more hats.  The general idea of hats are something men should invest in for this season, such as knit caps, fedoras, and ascots as well.

There are so many other trends, and I will be posting the video from Fashion Week in Paris featuring the latest styles for the upcoming season, but I hope this is a basic guide that you can follow in order to start getting your closet ready!

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