Fashion & Style: Women's Trend Overview Fall 13/14

The Fall/Winter season is upon us and we are now starting to shift into fall and winter fashions.  But many of you may wonder what should you be wearing?  What tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and even what colors are fashionable for the season?  Well there are many different fall/winter trends out there for us women.  If you are familiar with Pantone, then you know they have their 10 color trends of this season, so along with them and some other great info I was able to research I hope I can make the decision making process on what to wear or how to wear it when it comes to Fall/Winter fashion a little bit easier.  To start off, lets go over the colors of the Fall/Winter season, that is the foundation of our report:

To start off this is Pantone's Fashion Color Report for Fall/Winter 2013/2014 

  • Emerald (Pantone 17-5641)
  • Linden Green (Pantone 15-0533)
  • Acai (Pantone 19-3628)
  • Samba (Pantone 19-1662)
  • Vivacious (Pantone 19-2045)
  • Mykonos Blue (Pantone 18-4434)
  • Koi (Pantone 17-1452)
  • Deep Lichen Green (Pantone 18-0312)
  • Carafe (Pantone 19-1116)
  • Turbelence (Pantone 19-4125)
These are also other color families that are trending this season
  • RICH COLOR FAMILY (deep and vivid in color)
    • Red Wine (Pantone 19-1725)
    • Royal Purple (Pantone 19-3540)
    • Sapphire (Pantone 19-4056)
    • Emerald (Pantone 18-5338)
  • SPICE COLOR FAMILY (color that gives zest)
    • Pink (Pantone 18-2133)
    • Cayenne (Pantone 17-1463)
    • Tumeric (Pantone 16-0540)
    • Olive (Pantone 16-0540)
    • Tea Green (Pantone (17-5330)
  • TRANQUIL COLOR FAMILY (color that is free from commotion and disturbance
    • Coral Blush (Pantone 15-1331)
    • Naked (Pantone 12-0806)
    • Felt (Pantone 14-5002)
    • Winter (Pantone 11-4201)
Some fabrics/embellishments that are really popular this season is TWEED, LEATHER, FUR, MOHAIR, METALLIC MESH, AND CAIMAN.

Other clothing (and accessory) trends include:
  • trench coats
  • long leather gloves
  • sweat shirts
  • fur coats
  • over sized coats
  • miniature clutches
  • chunky scarves
  • doctor's bags
  • turtle necks
  • plush
  • lace
  • high fashion back packs
  • fur bags
  • triangular or circular high heels
  • wedge heels or an aggressive sole
  • open heel or toe
  • 1940's
  • moccasin style
  • velvet shoes
  • thigh high boots
  • boyfriend shoes
  • ankle boots
  • grunge
  • oversized shoulders
  • lingerie accents
  • tom boy
  • 1940's
  • tailored
  • gold necklace
  • chandelier earrings
  • geometric bracelets
I hope this has given you some sort of direction on what is trending for this season, and I hope this has given you some sort of inspiration to create that perfect Fall or Winter look!


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