Beauty: Skincare Practice for Better Skin

Have you ever wondered why your skin doesn't look as flawless as it once did? Are you doing all that you should be doing to see those results? The answer is most likely no. Most people with beautiful skin will tell you they don't do anything to it or put anything on it. This may be true for a select few individuals with genetically "good" skin, meaning they rarely ever get pimples or blemishes. But for the rest of us this is merely not the case. It has been trial and error when it comes to finding the perfect product to include in my skincare regimen. I have finally found a skincare regimen that works for me and it took quite some time. Of course this routine changes with the seasons as I find that my skin needs more moisture in the winter and more SPF protection in the summer. So, what do I do? Throughout the years I have had a few struggles with my skin causing a love/hate relationship with it. It was only about six months ago when my skin began to look its best. My morning routine consisted of washing my face with Cetaphil (I can't remember the name but it was directed towards people with oily skin and has a purple top, it was pricey for a face wash costing about $15), I then followed up with a Cetaphil moisturizer with a sunscreen. My nightly routine was a bit different. I washed my face with black soap and then exfoliated with a homemade facial, which included honey, sugar, and lemon. I would leave this exfoliator on my face for about two hours (not on purpose...I would get distracted by doing my homework). After I exfoliated I applied my retinol night cream and used Ambi Fade Cream to lessen the dark spots I had from previous blemishes. I was also exercising, drinking lots of water, and on a healthy diet. My skin never looked so good and I never got so many compliments from it. I was truly glowing! The honey, sugar, and lemon concoction provided a glow and helped fade my blemishes (lemon-citric acid) magnificently. Now, the retinoid is a product that is prescribed but you can get this over the counter as well. I suggest you go get your hands on this stuff and immediately include this in your nightly routine! Retinol creams have Vitamin A in them and this works by increasing cell turnover which will unclog pores, brighten skin, even/smooth out discoloration, and make skin softer. I have been using this stuff for awhile and I saw these results in only a matter of weeks. I never had a breakout leave a mark that stayed on my face for more than a couple of days. My skincare routine includes ingredients that specifically target skin discoloration and breakouts. More importantly I stuck to my skin routine regularly and incorporated products that I felt my face would benefit from. It's possible for everyone to have beautiful skin and with these guidelines you will accomplish just that. I will include the products I used in my skincare regimen but please remember what works for me may not work for you so this is just something to get an idea of what you may need to do.

 1) AMBI Fade Cream
 2) Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil-Control foam wash
 3) Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil-Control Moisturizer
 4) Black Soap
 5) Retinoid (I use prescribed but you can use over the counter as well)

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