December Hair Challenge!

Hey ladies!

It's officially winter and your hair is probably going through it more than you know. The harsh winds and cold climate makes it difficult for our hair to retain any moisture. I'm introducing a challenge for those wanting to utilize protective styles and essential oils! This is an important way to retain length and keep your hair healthy through these upcoming months. Although their is no prize for this challenge the true satisfaction will come from witnessing the growth you have accumulated through these simple steps. Here are the rules, you are certainly welcome to bend them in order to fit your hair's needs:

-NO HEAT!!!!!
-deep condition 3x a week (I prefer henna or Elasta QP)
-protective styling (bantu knots, twist outs, braids, sew-ins...etc.)
-sealing your ends at night with an essential oil (olive, argan, castor, almond, jojoba, coconut, etc.)
-multivitamins or biotin (hair & skin directed....remember to drink a full glass of water as your body adjusts or else you'll experience breakouts, start out with a low strength and build your way up to see how your body reacts).
-log your journey with pictures or a written description for reference.

Are you ready to see your hair's maximum potential? What are you waiting for?! GET STARTED!

Happy Hair Days and Good Luck! :)

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