DIY-Purse Organizer

Ok guys so I just came upstairs from my basement and a dilemma occurred to me...I have too many purses.  Now I would say I have about 15-20 purses, and just bought two clutches yea I'm not helping the situation.  Right now my babies are stored away in bins in my basement to keep them out of the way, especially since I am in the process of moving out in a couple of months.  So I thought to myself "where can I find a purse organizer?"  Well instead of buying one, why not make one?  I hurried off to YouTube and found this great, and hilarious DIY video on how to make your own purse hangers on a budget.  I am going to try this once I actually do move, but I wanted to share it with you all just in case someone is going through the same problem I am now, and hopefully you have another option as oppose to buying an expensive organizer that probably isn't that cute.  Enjoy and let me know what you guys think!

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