4 Indoor Fitness Exercises

If you have ever felt like you had to go to the gym to get a good workout look no further...these 4 crucial exercises will do more than that treadmill or elliptical.

Sit Ups- This simple exercise can be done anywhere! It targets the abdominal muscles for those interested in obtaining a tight and flat mid region. The key to a great sit up is your form. This exercise can be done with feet on the ground or up in the air. Cross your arms or put them behind your head, bring yourself up to your knees, and hold that position for a second. I typically do 3 sets of 30. For beginners, you can start with 2 sets of 25.

Squats- Celebrities live by this exercise. If you fantasize about killer legs for that perfect dress this is the workout for you! You will instantly feel the burn in your legs after a few sets of squats. It gets your legs in the best shape and is a multi-muscle worker. This exercise tones the entire body and is a great way to burn fat. Plant your feet on the ground, look straight ahead, thrust your hips forward, lower yourself and lift back up. I like to do squats with weights because it's more of a challenge for me. Incorporate a few of these in your routine and you will notice the difference in your thighs and legs.

Lunges- This workout is great for strength training. It targets the hips, glutes, and thighs. Another great workout for fantastic legs! Stand up straight, step forward with your right/left foot, lift your planted foot up so that your heel is not touching the ground, lean forward and bend your knees so that they make a 90 degree angle, hold this position for 5 seconds and push off your right/left foot. When paired with dumbbells this exercise is a total workout you'll benefit from, head to toe.

Wall Sit- If you have ever tried to sit still for a very long time then you know how hard it can be. This workout does just that. Pick a quiet place to do this because you will need all the concentration you can get. After a few attempts at this I finally can tolerate to do this without getting frustrated. Stand with your back facing a wall, slide down until your knees are at a 90 degree angle and hold for 60 seconds. The longer you hold the better the "burn".

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