Expired products....beauty benefits?

The expiration date is a key factor when tossing out a lot of reusable items in your fridge. Many are led to believe that the date on a cup of yogurt is written in stone and must be followed. I'm a firm believer of not wasting anything that can be salvaged and getting the most out of your money! So, lets discuss what the labels on your food products mean. If a label reads "sell by" then this just simply means when the product needs to be off the shelves of the supermarket. This label is mostly important to retailers who keep track of inventory and determines what needs to be stocked or removed. Another label is "use by" which is the label that ensures us the quality of that product will be good up until that day. But even then the label can still be a little misleading. For example, dairy products are good up until a week after the "use by" label. This is because most dairy products (cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, etc.) are already slightly expired and refrigerating them keeps them stable so that they wont get any more "expired". Although, some still consider the "use by" date as the official date of the product going bad. So, here are some alternate things you can do with your expired products:

Yogurt: A deep conditioning treatment with yogurt will revitalize your natural hair. This is ideal for those with hair that is brittle, dry, and needs moisture. Also, great for dull, lackluster hair that needs shine! When I come across leftover yogurt (not often), this is my go to alternate use. It is also a great anti-inflammatory for sunburned skin!

 Honey: Although, honey takes quite some time to expire, there are plenty of uses for honey. Honey is a great skin exfoliater. When used regularly it provides skin with a glow and fades away blemishes. It softens and hydrates those with dull skin. It is full of antioxidants that help with aging, complexion, and acne prevention! You can go as far as using honey to lighten your locks, a natural way to dye your hair. Honey is food for your hair. It nourishes and enriches each follicle unveiling the true composition of ones hair.

I like to think that if you can eat it then it is safe to put on your skin or in your hair. Most chemicals that are constructed today are not necessary and we can reap the benefits of mother nature and still see better results. That is the natural way and lifestyle I aspire to live by.

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