Fashion Haul/Birthday Spree feat Pink Basis and Just Fab

So guys I recently just turned 22 (yay me!) and we had a party to celebrate.  To avoid all of the chaos of last year's drama with me not knowing what to wear, I decided to plan ahead and make a game plan.  First I knew what type of dress I wanted, a nice, plain body-con dress with a little bit of stretch to it.  As you all know I am very much thick in all the right places, but when wearing the wrong dress, one may look like a suffocating hot dog and I just did not want to look like that.  So after searching in the malls, and many online boutiques I came across Pink Basis.  I will say I was 80% satisfied.  I was happy that I found a dress that fit my body so well and I was able to move in it, in fact I bought 4 of the same dress in different colors:


I also bought this lovely burgundy and white blouse:
The dresses are 97% polyester and 3% spandex, which is why it's stretchable.  I was scared when I ordered the first two dresses because I didn't know how they would fit but was relieved once I received it.  The dresses were $26.95 I believe regular price but I bought 2 at half price using one of their promotions.  The shirt I believe was between $12-15.  Now where the 20% dissatisfaction comes in where the shipping charges come into play.  I will admit that the products from Pink Basis are rather affordable, and they give discounts almost every week, but you sometimes have to question if it's even worth it because of the shipping charges.  I probably spend about $12-$15 in shipping charges when I bought my items so it's give or take with Pink Basis.  Another reason why I was dissatisfied was because of their return policy.  I also bought a jumpsuit from Pink Basis and decided I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.  In my previous experience with returning to any store online you print out a shipping label, which is free for customers to ship back, and that's all there is to it.  With Pink Basis you have to request a RMA which takes about 24 hours that determines if you can even return your merchandise or not.  Then if you are issued an RMA, you print it off and include it in your package and ship it off which isn't free so I paid about $10 in shipping.  In reality I'm truly only getting half of my money back which makes me question if it was even worth it.  Hopefully they take this into consideration in the future for their customers.  I would probably give Pink Basis 3 1/2 stars.
The second part of my fashion haul was purchasing shoes for thus occasion.  So of course I went to my one stop shop, Just Fab.  I love Just Fab.  I already had a credit with them so I basically bought a pair of shoes for free, then spent only $39.95 on another pair of shoes, free shipping, and arrived before I expected them too:


I love Just Fab for the simple fact that they have comfortable shoes, and fashionable shoes that fit my feet.  I wear a size 10/11 so it's hard to find cute shoes that actually fit and I don't feel like I'm stepping on a bed of nails.  I give Just Fab 5 stars, and they have cute handbags too!!!
So after going back and forth over which dress I wanted to wear, I finally came to a decision I am most happy with:
I suggest trying both of these companies out for yourself or if you have send us some pics of the product you bought and let me know what you think!:

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