Artist Showcase: Street Walkers

I recently attended an event called "Fashion's Night Out" where local boutiques showcase their products.  Among these boutiques was Street Walkers, the name is inspired by the hip, daring, bold and edginess of an actual street walker.  This boutique had some very unique styles for both men and women, and if I had got paid that day before I would've definitely supported and purchased something.  Their products are very street wear certified, unique, and creative.  I had a pleasure of speaking with the owner Celisia Harris to get some insight on the business in it's entirety.

"Street Walkers is an online men and women shoe Boutique, we are based out of St. Louis MO.  With an official launch in February 2014. We will uphold a boutique feel therefore exclusive and independent designs are a must. Being that we are a boutique we will carry unique designs and styles that are primarily mid to high-end. Some of  our designers include Alegandra G, Zigi, Schults and more. Being based in St. Louis we have witnessed a demand for exclusive brands that hard to find here locally, this is what motivated me to want to go out and search for those hard to find items and make them easily available. Our goal is to create a following online prior to proceeding with a physical location.  We will carry men and women shoes and accessories;  men sizes 7-12, women 6-10 ( however smaller or larger sizes will be available by request). Prices will vary by designer however an average range of $70-$300 for shoes and $10-$100 for accessories."

Celisia Harris also has a piece of advice for anyone looking to get into this type business, which is "you must do your research and know that it takes time. My model is quality over quantity and "patience never look rushed"".

Please support this local but thriving business, you won't regret it and I can guarantee you will most definitely find something worth taking home.  To contact Celisia Harris:

Phone: 314-229-1059
Website: (under construction)

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