January Hair and Wellness Challenge

The December challenge was a hair challenge that focused on retaining length and cutting out heat. I also recommended the use of vitamins and essential oils. I took biotin every day and made sure to drink LOTS of water. Now, for those of you who did not follow this water rule, experienced break outs and were not happy. Do not discredit biotin for this but simply up your water intake and continue taking it if you'd like. The "breaking out" phase will soon pass as your body adjusts to the dosage. I have some new growth and believe me when I say it is much thicker than my normal hair texture. Following protective styles and taking care of your hair inside and out will definitely show in your tresses. The January Challenge will focus on this aspect of length retention and protective styling for those who want to give this challenge a go again or for any newcomers! This challenge will also include the "build my body" challenge which consists of a unique goal for each individual. I will include a selection of exercises for a specific body part for you to choose from that you must perform at least 5 times a week for 60 minutes.

Here are a few suggested workouts to get you started!

Legs, Thighs, Buttocks
-squats     5 sets of 10
-lunges     5 sets of 10
-wall sits   20-90 secs

Abs, Chest, Arms
-push ups  2 sets of 25
-sit ups      2 sets of 25

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