Product Review: Chuck-Chucks Bracelets

To all of my readers, I am happy to do a product review for Chuck-Chucks, an accessory company based out of Canada.  The name Chuck-Chucks comes from the two definitions of "chuck", one meaning cool, awesome, etc, and the second one meaning to make a similar sound when expressing, so they put it together to mean cool and awesome expressions and living by their motto "celebrating the individuality and creativeness inherent in each of us!

Chuck-Chucks specializes in different leather bracelets, bangles, earrings, and pendants.  The chucks are the interchangeable charms that you can attach on and off to the leather bracelets.  These chucks come in many different colors, prints, pictures, and even as a watch!

(my cheetah print chucks)

The leather bracelet is $25.00 and the chucks range from $14.00-$16.00, watch chucks are $20.00
Chuck-chucks are real easy to assemble, all you have to do is attach the chuck to one of the inserts on the bracelet and there you have it, I kind of have a 3 step process shown above.

(adjustable strap)


I am absolutely in love with my Chuck-Chucks bracelet, it does express how awesome and cool I am and I am able to express my personality, you guys already know how much I love cheetah print, and now everyone else will top without going overboard! 
And for a special offer to my readers, if anyone would like to make a purchase from Chuck-Chucks, please use promotion code "alexandria1" to receive 50% off on your order!!! 
I encourage everyone to go and check out Chuck-Chucks, these would make a nice present for yourself or anyone else, and for any occasion so go visit now!:


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