Product Review: Maven Box from Julep/Blackbox from Cult Cosmetics

 In the mood of "being different" I was looking to expand my accessory collection and decided to start with nail polish.  Nail polish is an extension of one's self and outfit as is shoes, jewelry, purses, or other accessories.  You can dress your nails up according to the mood you're in, an approaching holiday, or just trying with a new bright and vibrant color.  So I was on Facebook, lurking as usual, when I come across an ad for Julep Maven boxes.  You are sent at least 2 nail polishes and another beauty tool every month.  When I signed up my box was free, all I paid was shipping which cost $3.99, then the second box I purchased, which was automatically charged to my card was $19.99.  So I said "what the heck" and signed up. 
 November's Maven Box:
December's Maven Box:
Me Using One of the Colors from December's Maven Box:
With Julep, you have a time frame where you can choose what Maven Box you want for that month, I never took advantage of that though, I kind of like a surprise.  Overall I like the product and the consistency of the nail polish.  I also like how the company is all about women empowerment so they donate their proceeds to different women-based charities and organizations, very commendable.  One thing I would like to see is maybe more combinations that could be used together like a confetti polish that you can use on top of the other colors, or maybe a style card giving customers ideas on different designs one could use with the colors in their Maven Box.  Another thing that the company needs to work on is their wait time.  I was literally on hold for about 30 minutes 2 times that I called, their customer service made up for it because the representative I talked to was very polite and took care of my issue within 2 minutes, but that hold isn't a joke!!  Overall I would give the Maven box 4 stars.
As a coincidence, I come across an ad the next week on Facebook for Cult Cosmetics and their Blackbox, the same concept as Julep and their Maven Box.  Every month with Blackbox you receive at least 3 nail polishes and some type of nail art tool every month.  For the first month, I paid $14.99 for my first box, and for the second month I paid $24.99.  If anything this would be one of the only two downfalls of the Blackbox program, their price.
November's Blackbox Colors
My nails with November's Blackbox Colors
December's Blackbox Colors
My nails with December's Blackbox Colors
I love their nail polish, it's smooth and dries really fast.  I like how they feature style cards in each box giving you ideas on how to paint your nails using the colors they send with instructions too.  The only other drawback is that they are mostly internet based, so when it comes to customer service using the phone is basically out of the question.  When I emailed customer support in regards to cancelling my account I never got a reply back and my account was still charged, oh well.  I would give Blackbox 4 stars as well.
If you use services such as Just Fab or other services where you are charged monthly products automatically, then these two companies might be worth looking into.
Check them out for yourself, let me know what you think, and if you are already a customer we would love to see what products you have purchased and your own personal review on them!!!


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