10 Rules of the Season

So recently I was browsing through ELLE Magazine and came across the "10 Rules of the Season".  After reading through I thought this would be something good to share with all of you because these 10 rules are trends or concepts that we have already taken on or are seeing develop right before our eyes. 

Rule 1: Designer Goes DIY
We see a lot of designers incorporating hand made like materials and looks into their collections
Rule 2: Logos Rule!
Kind of self explanatory, but we see more graphics and logos that are being worn.
Rule 3: Plain and Simple
Luxurious Minimalism is trending now.
Rule 4: Step Back into the Future
Stepping back into the classic 80's low heel pointed toed pump.
Rule 5: Surf on Dry Land
Board shorts, floral and tropical prints are in, even if you're not from the land of the surf.
Rule 6: Join the Tribe
Either a hint of tribal print, or an entire silhouette, this trend looks to be a keeper.
Rule 7: Pile it on
Layering of accessories.
Rule 8: Get Gilded
Wearing rose gold tones that complement every complexion.
Rule 9: Opt for Punchy Metallics
Wearing bold hues and high shine finishes are a winning pair
Rule 10: Arch Support
Embracing makeup that emphasizes the eyebrow and brings out the eye.
Even if you can't incorporate all 10 rules into your daily wardrobe, I would say try 1 at least once a week, I know I will!  And for more fashion do's and don'ts of this season check out ELLE Magazine's website:

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