February Update!

Hello Beauties!

Happy February! Our January Hair and Wellness challenge is officially over! I'm pleased to say I've seen results like no other. This challenge was a continuation of Decembers challenge and I focused this month mostly on eating healthy. I feel amazing and I've lost 8lbs in the process. My goal wasn't to lose weight but to tone up more and in the process I ended up losing weight. What did I do? Well, I've been paying more attention to what I eat and how it makes me feel. For example, I cut out meat from my diet for a week and felt the most energy compared to a diet that included meat. I realized that what you intake greatly reflects your physical well-being. I'm not saying to totally change your lifestyle completely around to feel more energized or be healthy but everything in moderation is key. I love meat but my conclusion was that every now and then I should take a break from it. My hair challenge inclined me to get a sew-in to protect my hair from the brittle winter we've been having. I plan to keep this in for a month and re-install to wear for another month. I've witnessed great length from my previous protective style sew-ins and wanted to give my hair a break. Length retention can only be achieved through protective styles which basically means leave your hair alone! I hope those who participated in the challenge achieved their goals and continue to do so. The next challenge will be a summer sizzle-free challenge which I will later introduce as it gets closer.



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