Fashion & Style: What to Wear for a Fashion Event

fashion and style

Ever had a fashion event that you just didn't know what outfit to wear?  Well here are some helpful tips to help you put together that right look:
  • Keep it casual
  • Save your money; don't spend too much and blow your money for one outfit, try to get pieces that you would wear again on a daily basis
  • NO BALLET FLATS!; This is the time to invest in some super cute but affordable heels, boots, etc, since you might be sitting for most of the time, even though you are going casual you don't want to go too casual.
  • Designer bag is a must
  • Sophistication is the key
  • Incorporate your personal style!
Also another tip, it's always good to try and attend these events with a friend, since you aren't that well known in the fashion industry, it's good to have someone to talk and whisper to during the event, I have about 3 fashion event buddies myself!

I hope these simple tips have helped you narrow down that fashion event outfit, remember keep it casual, sophisticated, and just keep it you! 


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