Brainchild Events Presents Food and Fashion

Very excited about tonight, because I'm going to a fashion show, the first one is months, but I'm more excited because the show is being directed by Dwight Carter. For those of you who do not know Dwight Carter he is a very influential man within the fashion scene here in St Louis, producing many of shows including St Louis Fashion Week, and now owning Brainchild Events. I've actually met him once at my school and had a brief conversation with him, very cool and down to earth person and I am excited to see him again tonight. As far as the fashion show he is producing tonight, called Food and Fashion or Fsquared, it is by far a new twist on the traditional runway fashion show setting. Check out Dwight Carter's interview on STL TV Live giving exclusive details on the event and the concept behind it and other ventures he is working on right now.


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