Fashion and Food Review

So as you all know I attended the Fashion and Food Fashion Show hosted by Brainchild Events.  The concept of the event was to one, find new ways to showcase fashion besides the traditional runway show, and two, to incorporate food, friends, and a great atmosphere.  I will say I had a wonderful time and really did enjoy myself.  The event was held at Hiro Asian Restaurant, downtown on Washington Ave.  Since I went VIP, I received 2 complimentary drinks, and was able to enjoy a 5 course meal, where each course represented the clothing which I thought was really unique.  The collections showcased last night were Paulie Gibson designed by Paul Gibson and Victrola designed by Lauren Cram.  These two collections were absolutely amazing!!!  I was actually able to speak with Paul Gibson for a brief moment, very down to earth and very humble, hopefully we can work together within the near future.  Check out the pictures below where you can see how the inspirations from set of clothing came alive in each course:

Course 1: VICTROLA
Quinoa Salad
smoked tofu, pickled daikon purple cabbage slaw, sunflower seeds
Kabocha Squash Bisque
sweet corn, coconut cream, lemon zest
Course 3: VICTROLA
Asian BBQ Pork
cauliflower, coconut raisin rice
Popcorn Chicken
egg noodles with spicy peanut sauce, roasted black sesame seeds
Chocolate, rose
I would definitely say my favorites were from Course 1 and Course 5 but all of the designs were absolutely amazing!!!  Brainchild events will be doing more Fashion and Food events this summer so I highly suggest checking for those updates.  I would also suggest visiting these designers websites if you are interested in purchasing their collections:
Paul Gibson:
       Lauren Cram:


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