Store Review: Stoney's Boutique

     So as an upcoming fashion blogger I've decided to go out of my own norm and comfort zone and try buying clothes and shoes from other boutiques besides the major retailers I usually deal with, and I would say this experience hasn't been that good. On Feb 25th I bought two faux leather skirts from Stoney's Boutique which I thought were very cute. There was a sale going on, I believe between 15-20% off I'm not really sure so for both skirts plus shipping I got a really good deal of $58. So after about 2, 2.5 weeks I don't receive anything and I don't get a confirmation email of shipment. I emailed one of the owners and I received a response rather quickly, within 24 hours inquiring on the shipment. She said that they don't have a time frame on shipment and that I would get an email when the order has shipped. That struck some curiosity because one, what retailer doesn't have a general time frame of shipment I've never heard of anything like that, and two she contradicted herself because on the website it clearly states processing takes 1-3 days and shipments take 3-10 business days and shipments are not sent out on Sundays.
 So literally approaching 4 weeks of not receiving anything I emailed back and asked if I could just have my money back. In all reality I ordered the skirts for an event that had passed so I really didn't need them anymore. After about 3 days of no response I opened of a dispute in paypal because that's how I paid for the items. By then I'm alittle ticked off for the simple fact that in my opinion it seems like as soon as I asked for my money back communication went downhill, after about 2 days with an unanswered dispute I escalated it to a claim. The reason for this is because I saw that this boutique was constantly on Instagram posting pics of their new products so if you have the time to do that you have time to resolve a customer dispute. Alittle after 24 hours after the dispute was escalated I get a email, a very snippy one at that saying "well do you want your money back since you filed a claim, your package was schedule to ship on Monday". At that point I wanted to cuss this lady out. First off I understand there are back orders or you're having a delay but the key is communicating with the customer. With whatever business you own you have to take this into consideration. Second don't post a time frame if you can't actually produce a product or service  in that amount of time  stated because if I was another customer who really didn't care, I would've filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau. And third, and probably the most important  thing is don't ever respond in an unprofessional way to a customer, point blank. After that I simply stated that I would like a refund and haven't heard anything back or seen money returned to my PayPal account and this was last week. I'm going to give this company the benefit of the doubt and say maybe they have just been backed up but that doesn't excuse the poor customer service I received. Out of 5 stars I would give this company a 1, that's it, I can't even rate on the product because I never revived it. I don't like rating companies like this but as you all know my motto is customer service is the key! It will either make or break your company. Hopefully this company makes some changes soon and if so I would be happy to shop with them again, but not a moment sooner.
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