Unveil the Ugly Layer

Are you having trouble evening out your skin? Do you have dark patches where your skin does not match the rest? Or do you suffer with dark elbows and knees? These things are all caused by hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation can be due to many things such as not wearing sunscreen, acne scars, and rashes. It is very hard to fully get rid of these factors without the help of hydroquinone. But, their are some natural ways to help lighten those areas for those who are hesitant in using hydroquinone. I typically like to use honey and lemon because these two are brightening agents and are found in most fade creams. I combine honey and lemon, sometimes sugar if I want to include an exfoliation process. I then rub the mixture, using a circular motion, into the problem area and leave it on for about 45 minutes (usually longer). After the time is up, I rinse with warm water making sure to rub in a circular motion and then I switch to really cold water. The cold water shocks your pores and shrinks them remarkably. This gives your face or problem area a plumped and tightened look. In order to see improvements you must use this method regularly and always wear a sunscreen to prevent reversal of the process. Their are many other ways to naturally lighten your hyper-pigmented skin and some may take longer to notice then a product that is intended for fading. Before trying out a new product containing hydroquinon consult your dermatologist.

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