Why Shoedazzle won't be around much longer

Ok guys, so I am almost positive that you all if not have shopped, are at least aware of what Shoedazzle is.  It is an online boutique where customers can select different styles of shoes each month selected by a "personal stylist" only paying $39.95 plus free shipping, or at least that's how it use to be.  Ever since they re did the concept of Shoe dazzle, in my opinion it is very much confusing and a little frustrating.  I recently placed an order for 2 pairs of shoes and 1 purse.  My total was $69.85, I'm guessing I qualified for more than 1 discount because my account was for a new customer.  After I clicked the place order button my total jumped to $99.85.  Of course I emailed customer service right away with this issue and was instructed to call the customer service line.  I almost wanted to punch all three of the customer service reps I talked to.  The first one couldn't even hear me and hung up.  So after calling back and explaining my situation to the second rep, she explained to me I could get a refund if I returned the items, but why would I return items that I meant to buy, the issue at hand is that I was quoted two different prices and after going back and forth I threaten to report this to the BBB, and the line went dead.  The final rep I talked to went further to say that their website and system is more updated than the computer I use and that they can investigate it but he couldn't help me as far as issuing me a refund.  I might wear glasses but I am not that blind to mistake a $30 difference, so after arguing with him, I finally hung up and reported this to the BBB and I am waiting on my response.  This is one of the reasons why I stopped being a customer with Shoedazzle in the first place and that was my last order I will EVER place with them.  Besides this whole bs of a situation I went through, how they operate is so confusing it makes it not worth trying.  All of their shoes are not $39.95 anymore, now they have shoes that are over $100 that I feel shouldn't be because of the material and structure of the shoe.  When you initially sign up and make a purchase you will be charged $9.95 to use towards future purchases or you can become VIP where you can pay $39.95 a month, but with doing that I couldn't even find a "Skip Month" button like Just Fab has just in case you don't want to be charged for that month.  Overall I give Shoedazzle a 2, if that, and I don't recommend anyone shopping there, use Just Fab instead and that's my honest opinion.  They have better quality products, a more easy to understand system, and a little bit better customer service.  I would love for you guys to let me know what you think and share your opinions on Shoedazzle in the comments below.

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