Update on Stoney's Boutique Store Review

I wanted to share this update with you all in regards to my last post on the store review I did for Stoney's Boutique (http://mindofafashionista.blogspot.com/2014/03/store-review-stoney-boutique.html).  I was hopeful we would have been able to resolve the matter at hand of my refund but it looks like this owner (or these owners, I really don't know how many of them it is and I don't care at this point) are more focused on their "Instagram fame" then providing customer service.  I emailed the boutique once again on Wednesday March 26th simply asking when I would be receiving my refund back to my Paypal account, hoping to resolve the issue so I could close the claim that I filed.  Meanwhile they are constantly posting items on their Instagram, even being so...clueless as to like my previous post about them not realizing it was a bad review.  So as predicted I would be ignored, and Paypal closed the claim today refunding me my money.  I just think it is an upmost shame of how some of these "boutiques" can treat some of their customers, and more importantly everyone can not have a boutique, especially with the same product that every other Instagram boutique is selling or that I can find on EBay or Amazon.  The purpose of a boutique is to provide rare clothing that is different from other products on that market for a short period of time.  So I hope this "boutique" does some hard looking in the mirror and re-evaluate their customer service because if they don't I don't expect them to stay in business very long.

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