Hello Everyone!

So I know it has been a while since I have made a post (over a month to be exact). I've been busy with school and work but who isn't? I had a few things I wanted to explore and write about but somehow lost the post-it note I had written it on. That doesn't surprise me. I am currently on a detox challenge to clear my skin and its working wonders! I will have a make-up free week challenge coming soon. I was inspired by a campaign ad I recently saw that showed two women unveiling there natural bare skin. It was shocking. This was a beauty ad that was actually allowing their users to show exactly how their skin was without the make-up. One girl had very severe cystic acne accompanied with deep scars. She took a wash cloth and wiped away the make-up as if she was wiping away what people thought of her and accepting her true beauty. This was amazing! If only other women as well as men saw this the impact it could and WOULD have! It takes major confidence to be able to stand up to expectations of what "beautiful" is. Which brings me to the no-make up for a week challenge. I will post the challenge when it is time. I hope you all will realize the importance of accepting your flaws. Your flaws are what make you the perfectly imperfect person you are today!

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