International Fashion: Canada 2014

For our first post in the International Fashion, we will be viewing Canadian fashion.  Ms Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother had a photo shoot and was shown in the magazine Fashion Canada April 2014 issue and she was featured with this amazing dress from Lanvin.  A great Seasonal Look for $2,995!

Also here are a couple of pictures featured from the Canadian Arts Fashion Awards.

Here are a couple of Canadian Fashion Designer Brands

Pink Tartan
Designed by Kimberley Newport-Mimran in 2002,  she produces an elegant, yet classy and graceful business style that includes a unique edgy appearance.

Franco Mirabelli
Franco studied fashion in the Fashion Institute of Technology and later created his collection of fine sharp classy garments several years after being trained under the guidance of head designers Donna Karan and Lous Dell'Olio as a design assistant of the Anne Klein Company.

ZiliottoMelissa Nepton, and Veronique Miljkovitch are also a few Canadian Brands worth looking into due to their unique dress styles and upscale blouse selections.  I suggest giving each brand a look,  mixing and combining their styles, as it could make a powerhouse combo in fasion!

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