Store/Product Review: Young Black Genius Clo.

Alright guys coming at you with another store/product review, and today we will be featuring Young Black Genius Clo..  The idea behind the brand and what it stands for is "young black geniuses who made their own way for themselves to become successful".  And what I really love is that this clothing line's purpose is not monetary, but to simply have a positive image that people would be proud of, and happy to wear.  I purchased two items, a crew neck sweat shirt and a hoody and I love them.  The material itself is not too hot, and I know what you're thinking "why buy a hoody and sweat shirt in the middle of spring", and my answer is because this is St. Louis and it can be 80 degrees today and 40 degrees tomorrow, so if I am going to wear a sweat shirt or hoody I want one that is comfy.  I also love the fit with both the sweat shirt and hoody and most of all I love the message that they both portray:

I want all of my subscribers and readers to go and support this brand, and the way you can do that is
first through Instagram at and then on the website at, go do it now!!!

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