Fashion Tips for Fashionistas

Here at Mind of a Fashionista we have a new segment entitled "Fashion Tips for Fashionistas" where we will bring you 5 fashion and style tips we are sure will help you get that glamorous look you want to achieve!  Today we are going to focus on style tips for that perfect beach look!
  1. If you want to boost a small bust...
    • Don't rule out an underwire as it can give shape to small busts.
    • Don't go for the "extras" such as ruffles, beading, or pleating because it only adds bulk and visual interest.
    • Never go for the bandeau as it will flatten the breasts even more.
  2. If you want some belly control...
    • Don't go for a shiny color as it emphasizes every lump, instead go for a matte color.
    • Tankinis are the way to go.
    • Show some skin such as wearing a high cut leg or low top swimsuit as it draws attention away from the middle section.
  3. If you want to support a big bust...
    • Don't do a high neckline
    • Do use underwire or wear a swimming suit with a hidden bra.
  4. If you want to flatter your curves...
    • Stripes are ok as long as they are vertical or angled to your body.
    • Bikins are ok, just avoid thin string ties as they can create extra bulges.
    • Wraps are the perfect accessory, especially if you have a thick middle.
  5. If you want to slim your hips...
    • Don't go wild on the bottom.
    •  Bring the attention up such as wearing a top with a brighter color or a cute pattern.
    • Go for a higher cut bottom to give the illusion of longer, leaner legs.
 Hopefully these tips help you create that perfect beach look, and stay tuned next week for more style tips!!!


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