Bye Bye Arden B., Hello Wet Seal Plus

     Living in St. Louis there aren't a lot of stores that have unique styles while still holding on to the classic and classy look.  Luckily my best friend/sissy was the one who introduced me to a store everyone probably knows by now, better known as Arden B.  I started shopping at Arden B. my senior year of high school and have been ever since.  Recently going to the mall I went into the Arden B. store and notice a change in everything, the clothing, the prices, and had to ask what's going on?  And was given the devastating news....Arden B is going out of business!  My heart sank, my hopes were shattered, but luckily they were brought back up again when I learned that they are switching the store from Arden B. to Wet Seal Plus (they are sister stores if you didn't know).  With the transitioning of brands and the new look of the store, that means sales, on top of sales, on top of more sales!  For Wet Seal Plus in store they have a buy 1 get 1 50% off on everything within the store, to help gear up for their official store launch August 26th in the St. Louis Galleria.  For all remaining Arden B. products, in store it is 70% off, and online it is 60% off EVERYTHING!

this is a crop top I bought from what they had left of the Arden B. products.  It was originally $29.00, with the 70% off I only paid $9.45 with tax!

    I definitely took advantage of both promotions (see picture above) especially with the buy 1 get 1 50% off for Wet Seal Plus.  I am not necessarily plus size but I am thicker than most, and I don't like my clothes to be skin tight so I was excited about this promotion as well.  I am definitely sad to see Arden B. go, but I am excited to see what Wet Seal Plus has instore.  I suggest heading over to both sites to take advantage of the great savings and also head over to the store in the St. Louis Galleria if you are in the area!

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