DIY Saturdays: Tips, Tricks, And Hacks For Doing Your Nails

     If you're like me, you love the idea of being able to do your nails yourself with fun colors and designs, but you dread the process because let's face suck.  Well thanks to Cosmopolitan, they have provided many tips, tricks, and hacks that will make your nail preparation process just a bit smoother:

Use petroleum jelly (vaseline) ot white craft glue on the outer edges of your nails before painting for an easy clean up.

To prevent the tips of your painted nails from chipping, paint two basecoat layers: one on the top half of your nail and the second coat over the entire nail.

Use a white nail polish as your basecoat to make your nail color pop.

Paint your nail art designs on a plastic sandwich bag first, peel them off, and seal them on your nails with nail art glue or a clear topcoat for easy application.

Use paper hole reinforcement stickers as a guide for painting a half-moon mani.

Give your nails two-tone designs with tape.

Use the tip of a pencil eyeliner to place tiny nail art accessories like rhinestones on your nails.

Create a French manicure with ease by looping a rubber band around your fingertip.

Mix loose pigments with clear polish to make a custom nail shade.

Create a marbled effect by using drops of swirled nail polish and a cup of water.

Make your nail polish dry faster by soaking your nails in ice water after painting them.

Spray nonstick cooking spray on your nails to help the polish dry faster.

Fix a smudged nail by adjusting the polish with the tip of your tongue.

Remove stubborn polish by soaking cotton pads in nail polish remover, wrapping them around your nails, and securing them with foil. 

Paint white craft glue as a basecoat before painting coats of glitter polish for easy removal. 

Roll your nail polish bottle instead of shaking it to avoid air bubbles. 
Loosen a stubborn nail polish lid by soaking it in hot water.
Unscrew a tight lid by wrapping a rubber band around the handle for better grip.

Spread petroleum jelly around the lip of the bottle before closing it to prevent the polish from drying shut.

Store your nail polish upright in a box with painted stickers on top to indicate the colors.

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