Event Recap: Soigne Runway Show

     Alright guys last night I attended the Soigne Runway Fashion Show at the Regional Art Commission. This event was brought to us by Jaron Eggleston who "is an innovative Celebrity Wardrobe Fashion Stylist based in St.louis MO. His portfolio ranges from fashion editorials to advertisements, music videos, album covers, celebrity styling, BET AWARDS and more. Jaron is the chief and editor of Delux magazine and also is the stylist for Grammy award winner Chrisette Michele. He has worked with gospels artists such as Alexis Spight off of Bet's Sunday Best, Grammy Winner Leandria Johnson, Bet's Sunday Best Winner Amber Bullock, Gospel Producer Cedric Reeves, Gospel Recording Artist Arnetta Murrill-Crooms, Cory Barett, and Earnest Pugh. He has also worked with up and coming artist G The Singer. His work has since been seen on countless fashion shows and his work has been seen live on The Stellers."
     Overall I will say it was an OK experience, I wish I could give every experience I go to 5 stars with flying colors but there were some things that could have been done differently. First I want to thank the staff for taking a moment of silence for Mike Brown, if you aren't aware my city right now is going through a tragic loss followed by chaos (you'll learn more in my next blog post) so I thought that was respectful to the family to do so. One thing that could have been handled differently was the fact that this event didn't have the tickets accessible until the week of the show. For two weeks straight I went searching trying to find out how to purchase tickets, even checking the website of the venue but couldn't find anything. Another thing that I personally have an issue with is that there's a difference between general and VIP admission. If I pay more money for a VIP ticket that means I get more perks, even if it's just sitting front row. I felt a little irritated when a lot of the general admission attendees decided to take it upon themselves to sit where the VIP was suppose to sit. Other things that could have been handled differently was maybe an age restriction, more direction from staff to guests and mingling activities before the actual show started, as we were all sitting for an hour and a half waiting for the show to start. Something else that bothered me was that guests were walking in with fast food.  Not just a cup that someone was finishing and throwing it away at the door, but full on meals.  Just in my experience attending fashion shows that is not acceptable.  One last thing that is a definite no no is the fact that on the program it did not list all of the designers. In my eyes the most prominent one (House Ov Beeombi) was left off. Even though there were flaws that stood out I will say the fashion stood out more and in a fabulous way! Here are the designs that were featured last night:

Simply Awesome:

House Ov Beeombi

J'Ron Lavell

     Overall I would give this production a 3, even though there were some things I pointed out that could have been done differently I still enjoyed myself, because at the end of the day it was about the fashion, which was simply marvelous!  If you want more information regarding J'Ron Lavell visit his Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and also stay tuned for more events!

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