The Tragedy of Mike Brown

As a fashion blogger, I try to stick with topics that are only related to my blog such as fashion, health & beauty, etc, but I cannot ignore the chaos that is going on in my city so to all of my readers I apologize if you were looking for another great fashion post, but I take my apology back because I feel I need to say something.  A week ago yesterday Mike Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer, and ever since this city has been turned upside down.  I'm not here to say what actually happened because I wasn't there, and I frankly don't know what happened.  All I am sure of is that an unarmed young man was shot at least 6 times, 2 times in the head, and that this is a case of police brutality.  I also know that the ignorance that has been shown by this city is not going to speed up the process let alone get us an answer that we want overnight.  Stores have been broken into and stolen from, even as far as a QuikTrip being torched, citizens are scared and I am just sick of it.  Rioting, looting, and things of that nature are not going to bring Mike Mike back, more importantly only does more damage to the issue at hand.  If they were able to shoot an unarmed man, what makes you think they won't take action when you give them a reason to? And with that question that is exactly what happened.  Ferguson is now under curfew, and because some protesters, not all, but some wanted to show off, act tough, and think they could take on the police, other measures have been taken which is putting a lot of people at danger.  One thing I am sick and tired of is people laying so heavily on the white factor.  Yes I do believe that had something to do with it indirectly, but I do not believe all white policeman or white people in general are racists.  I grew up in Kirkwood and was surrounded by white people all freaking day, most of my friends were white until I moved to an all black neighborhood in the 5th grade and I felt more comfortable with white kids than with the black, so if anything we are racists towards our own (that's something I can get into later).  More importantly I love how we as a people stand up when it comes to the white person killing the black person but we never say anything when it's the case of killing our own.  I can count at least 10 murders this past month, some people who I know and were actually close to, but where was their rally, where was their protest, if anything there was only one.  I'm not saying don't stand up for what's right or wrong but don't pick your battles either way because killing is killing no matter what the age, race, or creed is.  Second and probably the most important thing I have to say in this is I am tired of everyone speculating on what happened, once again WE WERE NOT THERE!  Because if push comes to shove and everything the police is saying is actually true, we are going to be looking real stupid.  We are always so quick to get an answer but never want to follow the steps in a solution to get that answer and looting and rioting definitely isn't going to help get that answer sooner. There are other ways to go about this.  This post here isn't trying to persuade anyone to do anything because you are your own person with your own opinion on how to handle the situation, but today I am just writing as a frustrated African American living in a city that seems to be divided,  This doesn't just affect Ferguson this affects everyone in St Louis and probably beyond that.  I am praying that we as a city can just calm down, and let the legal process do what it's suppose to do.  Not having faith in the process is not going to get us the answer we need.  If you want to know more ways to help in this cause the first thing you can do is to sign the petition that requires all state, county, and local police to wear a camera:
You can also donate to the Mike Brown Fund:

I personally will be donating my money to this fund, and will be working to raise money at our upcoming launch party so that some of the proceeds can go to this fund as well.  Once again I know this is not one of my normal posts but what I said needed to be said.  Please feel free to comment with your opinions and give other solutions on how we can make this situation better.

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