Love Culture GONE: Store Files For CH.11 Bankruptcy!

If you have walked by Love Culture in the St. Louis Galleria, you may have noticed the once pre-teen filled store is becoming more and more deserted.  Well this is because they are the latest clothing business that has went out of business, even filing CH. 11 Bankruptcy.  

From my own personal research there aren't much details on the bankruptcy except that they won a claim against the unsecured debt association to hold an expedited sale to get rid of what they could, but not much more is provided.  I even attempted to talk to a store employee but obviously, no one was there.

As of right now you are still able to purchase items from their website ( so my educated guess is they will operate solely online like such stores including A'gaci (

Me personally I can't shop there, my body type doesn't fit their image.  Let's be honest I'm a thick girl, in all the right places and some wrong places.  Their large sizes fit to be a sh-medium.  I can only fit their over-sized cardigans and jewelry, which sucks because their jewelry breaks before you even open the package, not to mention it's final sale (no bueno).

So all in all, I am not sad to see Love Culture go, what about you, do you like shopping at Love Culture and if so why?

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