MIS-Move In Silence (The Take Over Has Begun)

As you all know I am a T-Shirt junkie, and love unique and swagged out graphic tees, so I am definitely excited to showcase MIS-Move In Silence.  If you remember my post about Graphic Part II (http://mindofafashionista.blogspot.com/2014/09/graphic-part-ii.html) then you're familiar with this clothing brand.  I was able to connect with Matthew Rivers, owner of MIS and get all of the details of what MIS is about:
"We want people to feel comfortable and confident in our clothes.  To Move In Silence or M.I.S means to walk into a room and own it.  Nothing needs to be said.  Experience the feeling of opulence in Move In Silence. You might not be the most confident at heart but when you put on a piece of our clothing, KNOW that you are walking into a world of endless possibilities.  Our main focus is making sure our designs STAND OUT which is why we print with hologram, glow in the dark, reflective and bright colored dye-sublimated shirts.  We also emphasize to our customers, quality clothing.  Since we are starting to transition from just making Tee-shirts and long sleeves, into the more cut and sewn arena, we are dedicated into testing our fabrics and ensuring that everything we use is of the highest quality.  Too many companies use cheap material and it shows in the presentation and looks terrible, after it is laundered.  We have tested all our clothing thoroughly, to ensure our customers satisfaction.  We utilize 100% combed cotton, 100% polyester from the best manufacturers world wide.  Our MAIN collections are the signature Hush Collection, Amber Collection, Outlaw Collection, Move in Stars, Bottle Collection and Location Collection.  Each of these collections are entirely different in their own right." (Matthew Rivers)

As of right now there are 6 collections under MIS:

Hush Collection:
"The Hush collection is what started all of M.I.S.  This is the main theme behind the brand.  Most of the products we have done in the hushed collection use our logo with the outline of the jaw line, hands and lips. Products range from Tanks, Tee shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts, Crew Necks, Leggings, Socks, etc..."

Amber Collection: 
"Dedicated to Amber Moss who is the female face of M.I.S.  She was supposed to model for us at Graphic and because we already shot someone from an ethnic background, I wanted to have a look that I thought would have commercial appeal so, I reached out to her and the rest was history." 

Outlaw Collection:
"This was designed more for the men.  The logo is a M.I.S. however the M.I.S. also show a cowboy hat from the M and the I.S. make up the bandanna which is why we call this the outlaw logo."

Move In Stars:
"This collections shows the different versions of using the American Flag and putting our own spin on it with the use of hologram and the stars spelling out M.I.S."

Bottle Collection:
"This collection is dedicated to the use of a Magnum bottle of Champagne and us implementing our own twist to make it M.I.S."

Leather Collection:
"This entire line will be dedicated to the use of leather."

And just to show the quality of their work, here is a Instagram video for you to check out:

We give MIS 2 thumbs up, I can't wait to rock my tees and you need to go purchase yours so we can rock ours together!  To make a purchase or for more information visit their website:

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