Style Tips Tuesday; Makeup Tips for Beginners

makeup for beginners
We've all been there, whether it was at 13 years old or 20, the day came when we was time to wear makeup. Probably one of the most scariest times of a woman's (or man's) life but we somehow overcame it, as we put on our "faces" everyday as if we were pro's.  If you're like me, then you started your journey on the "beauty train" a little late, trying to grasp everything you could as you went along.  So for those of you who have missed a few steps along the way or just need a refresher course, here are some helps tips on makeup for beginners!

When exploring your complexion, you will understand what type of skin you have, ex: oily, dry, combination.  Knowing your skin type guides you on the moisturizer needed, and the effects that some makeup may have on you.

Picking a good primer ensures your makeup lasts and stays looking fresh throughout the day.

Knowing Your Complexion = The RIGHT Foundation
Think about what you want to hide, and what shade of skin you are when it comes to your complexion, this is crucial in choosing the right foundation. Neglecting the responsibility of researching your complexion may result in using a shade too light or too dark.   You might have to experiment a few times before getting one you are comfortable in.  Suggestion: Go to the mall kiosk or your local makeup store (ex.Sephora) and have them match you to the perfect shade.  Write down the color number and name so you will always have it when you run out or compare to different brands.

When applying your foundation never forget your neck! It is important to blend to give a natural look which means blending the tones from your face to your neck.

Contouring and Bronzing:
These are great techniques for giving your face that extra glow, but only use a little.  As they say a little goes a long way.  Just a bit on your nose, forehead, and around the cheek bone will give you a glow to die for.

A great product that completes the look. Experiment to find your favorite shade, I personally like golden orange, it matches my skin tone perfectly!

This is all about personal preference.  If you prefer the natural look go with nudes, browns, pastels, earth tones, etc.  If you love a pop of color make sure to blend well to create an even look.

Finishing Powder is a Good Idea!
Just do it, you'll thank me later, especially with oil control.

Other Things to Consider:
Do you prefer powder or liquid foundation? (or powder vs. cream eyeshadow, etc.)
Whether to use mascara or eyeliner?
Lipstick vs. Lipgloss?
Whether to use lipliner with lipstick?
Should I use shimmer products?
Shiny or matte?
Eyebrow makeup?

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